Monday, December 27, 2010


Just in time to miss Christmas, I found this on DVD yesterday (Dec 26) on the Wal-Mart discount movie shelf.

What a treat this was to find – I’d had it on VHS some years back, but it was a “dealer” copy – one that the IVE video company sent out in an effort to entice video store owners to buy rental copies. I don’t exactly remember when I got it, but I do recall that I didn’t purchase it. Good thing, too, because there was a continuous disclaimer at the bottom of the movie as it was playing, telling me that this tape was “Not for Sale”.

What you’ve got to do here before seeing REPOSSESSED is understand that this is a mix-up of AIRPLANE! & THE EXORCIST. This film would absolutely NOT have worked without both Leslie Nielsen and Linda Blair being on board.

As the movie begins in 1973, Nancy (Ms. Blair) is being successfully exorcised as a teen in the pre-credit sequence by Father Jedediah Mayii (Mr. Nielsen). Jump ahead 17 years and Nancy, now married and with two kids, has once again been possessed and Mayii is called from retirement to fight the demon again.

The movie also features Thom Sharp (the Commerce Bank guy in TV commercials) as Nancy’s husband, Ned Beatty and Lana Schwab as Jim & Tammy Faye Bakker-type evangelists and small cameos by Robert Fuller (EMERGENCY!) and Murray Langston (aka, The Unknown Comic of GONG SHOW fame).

Favorite bits of dialogue:

Mayii: Man was made in God’s Image!
Demon: Oh yeah? Then how do you explain Pee Wee Herman?

Demon: And now here’s my impression of comedian Don Adams - Sorry about that Chief!
Mayii: Do not ‘Get Smart’ with me!

Narrowing down all the great sight gags is difficult, but I’d go for the following:

When the Ouija board is asked if Ted Kennedy will ever be President, a toy car moves on its own off the mantle and into the family aquarium.

Mayii puking up green pea soup all over the demon and saying “See how YOU like it!”

This has to be amongst my favorite of Mr. Nielsen’s films. In his 84th year, he left this world over the 2010 Thanksgiving Weekend, but what a great legacy he leaves us.

You simply MUST have this film. Hope you can easily locate it.

Go to to see about ordering it if you can’t find it in stores.