Thursday, July 15, 2010


Although this comes in a big enough DVD case to suggest that there may be several discs enclosed, make no mistake, there is only ONE disc.

Must admit, I find the whole concept of Nazi Hunters to be fascinating. Surely the Nazis were the 1930s/1940s personification of all that is unholy. For concentration camp survivors and children of parents murdered in the Holocaust to become these specific types of manhunters was probably inevitable.

I’ve seen many Nazi documentaries in my time, but this disc contains things these tender eyes had never been exposed to before. I guess it’s good to know that this can still shock me and that it brings a tear to the eye to witness the tragedy of it all. My humanity remains intact. Unfortunately, the humans who ran the Third Reich were anything but humane.

It is said in the Bible that God takes no pleasure in the deaths of the wicked. I, however, could and did take pleasure in seeing Nazis executed after the war in 1945 and in the aftermath of the Nurnberg Trials. If I am wrong for that, so be it.

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