Thursday, June 30, 2011


Shot #1. This isn’t the real grave of Vlad Tepes, aka, Vlad Drakul, aka Dracula. It’s actually that of a town Burgomeister (Mayor) from Kitzingen, Germany, where I was stationed while in the Army from 1979-1982. Yup, I lived smack dab in the middle of a town whose main livelihood was the manufacture of wine.

Word of the Dracula’s Grave site had reached my Dad back home in Festus, Missouri, when a small article about it appeared in a local newspaper. Dad sent me the clipping and remarked that the tomb would be something to see. My Cousin, Joe, was stationed about 12 km from where I was, so one weekend he and I left my apartment (which was very close to the cemetery) and sought out this location.

I remember it being an eerie site because of all the ornate carvings and illustrations it contained. The newspaper article had mentioned that the current Burgomeister of Kitzingen told of young American soldiers who would hang out at this location, no doubt full of brew of some kind or another, waiting for something to happen on weekend midnights. A resurrection, perhaps?

Of course, nothing did happen, but even so I never got drunk enough to want to do that. But I am very glad that I got here to see and photograph it.

Shot #2. Ornate ceiling design.

Shot #3. Another view of the ceiling.

Shot #4. This is what I presume to be the Family Crest.

Shot #5. Closer and better view of the gate with the skull over it.

Surprised that Polaroid film has lasted as long as it did here, just over 30 years since I initially took the pictures. I guess this must be all I took, but I am in touch with a former 1st Battalion, 15th Infantry mate of mine, Kirk Trofatter, who says he has some photos of this place as well. Hoping he can find them and that they are better than my own photos.


  1. Hi Mike, I'm Dale Mitchell and I was stationed in Giebelstadt, Germany from 83-85 and I had heard the legend as well and had taken some photos of the Leaning Tower and grave. I had a great view of the ceiling carving as well. I stuck my camera through the gate and used a flash. I lost my photos over the years and would love to get another detailed ceiling shot and the carvings on the back wall as well if you still have a contact willing to take a few shots.

  2. I was stationed at Harvey Barracks 1/15th Inf. from 72-77 and saw the place many times, unfortunately none of my photos have survived. Good luck on finding more.