Thursday, July 15, 2010


In the late 1960’s we had a Friday night tradition in our house. Mom made fried chicken, mashed potatoes and French-style green beans (not those crappy waxy kind). Then the boys would retire to the living room and watch THE WILD, WILD WEST on CBS. Those were good times, even though Dad never really cared for Dr. Miguelito Loveless as the villain.

Imagine my joy when I learned that a new series of original novels based on the TV show was being published by Boulevard Books. Now, turn around and imagine how horribly disappointed I was when I got a hold of them and read them. I don’t know who Robert Vaughan is, but it was apparent to me that he either never watched this show or if he did that he didn’t understand the nature of the program.

Aside from that, he spelled Artemus Gordon’s name wrong – “Artemis” is how he had it. None of the geniuses on the editorial staff probably knew it was incorrect, either. To not even know the proper spelling of one of the main character’s names is deplorable.

Because I am an amateur completist when it comes to THE WILD, WILD WEST, I will hold onto these books – and the one Richard Wormser wrote back in the original heyday of the show.

Luckily, CBS DVD issued all seasons of THE WILD, WILD WEST on DVD, so if my dearly beloved fries chicken (or we visit the Colonel to bring home a bucket), makes mashed potatoes and French-style green beans, it is sort of like going back in time.

I remain, to this day, a devotee of this show and am still a great admirer of both Robert Conrad and the late Ross Martin. I’m sorry that they weren’t represented better in these books.

This book series failed and died out quickly. Deservedly so, I would say.


  1. Mike I agree with your review of these books. I too bought them, but at Half Price Books. I hated that Artemus' name was spelled wrong, his characterization was was all just...ick! BUT, as a great fan of the show and of those who write fanfiction based on the show, I took these books at the value of fanfiction, not as great novels. With fanfiction it is easier to give the writer artistic liscence. As for Vaughan, he is a western writer, but I've only read these 3 books by him.

    Wormser...I don't know WHAT that was all about! LOL! It made me laugh.

  2. Now that I think about it, Robert Vaughan may actually be Robert V. Bell, who had some success in the 1980s.

    Our last best hope may be a graphic novel/comic out in recent years. Haven't seen it, though.

    Thanks for your comments. 'Preciate ya stoppin' by.