Thursday, March 10, 2011


Again, thanks and praises go out to the wonderful, lovely Tina Buckner for hipping me to this movie’s existence. We experienced the wonders of the first film together but have not, to date, been able to congregate and screen this one. I watched it on my own on the evening of 3/9/11 and then texted her about it afterwards. Tina’s anxious to see it, no doubt.

Full Moon Studios apparently decided to do a “movie within a movie” type of scenario with PASSION OF THE CRUST. The action takes place at “Cheatum”, a run-down, seat-of-the-pants type movie company. Cheatum is specifically known (and celebrated) for its cheap, knock-off grade Z pictures – like SPACE SPANKERS 2015. During the filming of one of their latest epics, the Gingerdead Man runs around, largely unnoticed, killing people with a butcher knife of some kind. It gives new meaning to the term “cookie cutter”.

One person is electrocuted anally by a curling iron, though, which is inserted by our favorite perverted little cookie. It’s ok, though; I’m sure that even after death the victim’s butt hair remained properly curled without the need of hairspray.

Although he was in the first movie, Gary Busey apparently decided to take a pass on being in this one. Or perhaps they couldn’t get him out of a coma long enough to do it. The voice of the Gingerdead Man here is John Vulich.

The in-joke casting coup here, I think, is Michelle Bauer. A former Penthouse Pet of the Month way back when – and one of the stars of HOLLYWOOD CHAINSAW HOOKERS - Ms. Bauer shows up as an ex- soft core porn star who is relegated nowadays to being a “hanger on”. She winds up providing some sweet treat catering (read into that what you will) to the film crew. Without any real explanation, the Gingerdead Man hitches a ride in her donut box (no, that is NOT a metaphor) to begin wreaking havoc on the movie set.

This movie has many funny moments, including parodies of the Full Moon Studio’s own “demonic toys” line. There are dolls like “Hemorrhoid”, “Shit-For-Brains” (so called for good reason) and “Dildo” which come to life in the film’s climax (no pun intended) to help fight the Gingerdead Man.

If you don’t mind the absurdity of it all, you will probably enjoy PASSION OF THE CRUST. However, if you can’t stand weird films – or if you don’t have a sense of humor about them – this will NOT be your cup of tea.

Oh goodie: the next movie in the series is to be called GINGERDEAD MAN 3: SATURDAY NIGHT CLEAVER.


  1. After reading your blog, I absolutely MUST SEE this movie!!! It sounds so epic! However, it is such a shame that Gary chose to flake on this one. Somehow that man always seems to put a smile on my face...and also makes me realize just how sane I am.

  2. John Vulich does such a good job voiceing the killer cookie that you may wind up not missing Busey that much. Curious to hear what you will think of "Shit-For-Brains" and the other demon dolls in the movie.