Monday, July 26, 2010


Just received notice yesterday that 9/1/2010 is the date to watch for. The Bum Bar Bastards are releasing their 35th Anniversary DVD/CD set of the Tube Bar Phone Calls. I've talked about these guys a lot before especially on the "Brain Sandwich" Radio Show. This is the ultimate edition and I will be talking more about this when the set is out. Check out www.bumbarbastards for pre-ordering info.

Highly recommended!

This 35th Anniversary Collection Includes:
Complete Tube Bar Calls
All 105 Tube Bar Calls in chronological order as they were made.
Two never before heard Tube Bar Calls, including the longest call running over 4:30.
Rare and never before seen video still “pictures” of the Bum Bar Bastards, Tube Bar & Red.
Special 35th Anniversary Bonus
Original Mono Cassette Tape recordings of all 105 calls, raw & unedited in their original form.
Classic Tube Bar “RED” Movie
The cult classic Tube Bar “RED” movie by Chris Gore, staring Lawrence Tierney.
Including music by Charlie Benante (ANTHRAX) (
All New Tube Bar Animation
All new Tube Bar animation shorts by Jim Sweet made exclusively for this DVD.
Music video by the elusive (and rarely heard/seen) John Elmo.
Red’s Xmas Song
The classic “Redwood” Christmas Video by Bob Ryan.

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